HSI PT6A engine


Certified company under registration COM 1803-41/ANAC.

VMF Turbinas is an ANAC (Brazilian Aviation Authority)  certified company under registration COM 1803-41/ANAC.  We are pleased to offer our customers Hot Section Inspection (H.S.I.) on PT6A engine models.

We count on a specialized team with experience over 30 years performing customer support wherever the aircraft is, be in our hanger or in the field, anywhere.


We are fast, qualified and safe, always hunting customer satisfaction.  We join our service expertise alligned to low cost and rapid delivery.


Our list of available engines doesn't stop growing!!!! Besides the list below, immediatly available, query us about your needs given that we have a huge network of partners worldwide and we will help you find one that suits your needs.


authorized distributor

Coordinates: Latitude - 23° 28’ 57”S / Longitude - 47° 29’ 9” W

Runway: 1482 x 30 Meters, Paved and signposted.


Rua Isaltino Guanabara Rodrigues Costa, 869

Vila Barão | Sorocaba-SP

CEP 18065-480

contact us:

+55 (15) 3411-4670


Distance by air:

São Paulo: 84 KM

Brasília: 859 KM

Recife: 2177 KM

Porto Alegre: 816 KM

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