Specialists in this segment, we act for more than 20 years in the market.

Our Mission


We fulfill a market gap


We understand there's a gap in the market between operators and aviation shops and we fulfill this gap as we understand their language and skills and thus help them understand each other. The lack of technical knowledge  related to engine maintenance can lead to stress in their relationship and we avoid that.


We have 30 years experience in the market and deep technical knowledge. We also have a great inventory of engines and parts.


Thus, in a transparent and professional manner we help operators to have the best cost benefit in maintain and repairing their engines, offering them options to exchange their engines, or maintain them in order to minimize costs and aircraft ground time .




We are totally independent of any shop or specific provider thus we always look in the customer best interest in terms of the options for maintain / replacing the engines.

Engine Parts


Check our engine parts inventory.

Count on our specialists in case you need a specific part we don't currently have in our inventory.



OUR Services


We continuously invest in our team  and we aim to offer to our customers trustworthy services regarding their equipment, services like:

Engine technical analysis;

Technical studies regarding possible shops to maintain the engine;

Parts and engine analysis for sale or exchange;

Technical analysis and maintenance follow up anywhere in the world;

Study, negotiation and reduction cost deals with your chosen shop;

Post sale follow up;

Warranty check for services done in your engine;

Logistics and burocracy solving regarding exporting importing parts and equipments.

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Coordinates: Latitude - 23° 28’ 57”S / Longitude - 47° 29’ 9” W

Runway: 1482 x 30 Meters, Paved and signposted.


Rua Isaltino Guanabara Rodrigues Costa, 869

Vila Barão | Sorocaba-SP

CEP 18065-480

contact us:

+55 (15) 3411-4670


Distance by air:

São Paulo: 84 KM

Brasília: 859 KM

Recife: 2177 KM

Porto Alegre: 816 KM

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